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Our brand new improved Salon Music shop is situated at the Brooklyn Theatre.

This exclusive shop will supply Grand Pianos, Instruments, Educational and music accessories, Sheet music, International Classical, World Music, Jazz and Choral CD recordings, all recordings on the Salon Music label, as well as Concerts, Operas and Art Films on DVD, Apple products (machines,devices and accessories).

Tel: (012) 460 6033 /

a bright new future as Salon Music collaborates with Apple Mac

Firmly established as a serious entity on the classical music scene in South Africa, Salon Music boasts 18 years as impresarios, 16 Years as a recording company (with 28 titles on the label), 8 years as CD and DVD retailers in Brooklyn Mall, Gauteng and almost 3 years as owners of the newly established Brooklyn Theatre in Menlo Park.

Now there is no stopping these inventive entrepreneurs as they embrace the latest technology in order to extend their niche market considerably. “Yes, we are in the classical music ‘industry’, but what we are really selling is knowledge!”

Being in a niche market retail business, the main aim is to ultimately streamline the highly personal service, already on offer through their endeavours, into something which will satisfy the wildest dreams of even the most discerning customer.

Choosing an associate to facilitate this undertaking was quite simple. After all three the directors read the controversial biography on Steve Jobs, the dice fell indisputably on Apple as the perfect vehicle for what we have in mind.

The big news is thus:

The CD and DVD retailing outlet, Salon Music, is now situated at the Brooklyn Theatre, Menlopark.

This One-Stop shop will supply all Apple products (machines,devices and accessories) International Classical, World Music and Jazz CD recordings, all recordings on the Salon Music label, as well as Concerts, Operas and Art Films on DVD. All staff members, the music graduates included, are currently being trained by Apple, to assist customers purchasing hardware and devices. The Brooklyn Theatre ticket office remains in the new store.

It would however be unfair not to disclose the ‘method’ behind our madness, at this point in time! Our ultimate aim is to create and supply a downloading facility for CD’s or tracks directly onto a client’s iPod containing:

Willem Vogel’s personalised selection of:

This venture extends what Salon Music has always stood for, namely to facilitate top class music making for enthusiasts and connoisseurs. It furthermore broadens the horizons for educating the broad public as far as classical music is concerned.

Since the opening of the Brooklyn Theatre one of our main aims has been to reach out to a younger audience in a variety of ways. By embracing technology in this way, we hope to add yet another string to our bow in this respect.

Finally, we are looking ahead to the future and keeping up with world-wide trends. The exciting part of this being that all of the 28 recordings on the Salon Music label, as well as other fine recordings by SA classical artists, will soon be part of the international ‘downloadable’ repertoire on the net.

Our new address is:

Brooklyn Theatre
c/o 13th Street & Thomas Edison, Menlopark.
Tel: (012) 460 6033 /